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Boris Johnson attacks Muslims: Radicalised children should be taken into care

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London: Children at risk of radicalisation should be in care.

“Muslim children who risk radicalisation by their parents should be taken into care”, Boris Johnson has said. “How do we make sure the kids in London are not growing up with these kind of nightmarish ideas in their heads?”

Well, Mr. Johnson, let me ask you another question. How do we make sure the kids in London are not growing up exposed to these kind of nightmarish racist, right-wing ideas?

How do we make sure that they don’t grow up in poverty, in a family where parents are struggling to get by, where they are lacking proper healthcare services and suffering from the impact of education cuts?

How do we make sure that the children of London are growing up in a socially and economically inclusive environment without the finger pointing at their families and the never ending scapegoating?

Let me continue. How do we make sure that the children of London are not growing up in a country where the politicians have lied and killed thousands of children somewhere else, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan? How do we make sure that the children of London know and speak the truth about your country’s foreign policy? Do we tell them what your country did in other parts of the world or do we just ignore this ‘minor detail’? How do we make sure that the children don’t grow up without their fathers who are kidnapped and illegally transferred to Guantanamo?

Personally, how do you make sure that there is equality and quality in education; child care services, all other public services etc. that benefit every child of the city in the same way or do these things depend on how much the daddy earns?

How do we make sure the kids in London are not growing up with these ideas of free-market consumerism and commercialisation of everything?

Finally, Mr. Johnson, how do we make sure the kids in London are not growing up to be like you in future?

Don’t you have to a city to run instead of manufacturing sensational 'news' based on, hmmm, what exactly?

I don’t expect you support the idea of raising children in an equal society without the division of poor and rich. That wouldn’t be your ideology. I guess you are not advocating for collectivising the raising of children either. That is probably a concept too complicated for you and you probably never heard of it.

So what are you saying then, Mr. Johnson ?

Let me tell you: You have reached a new low.

You don’t really love children that much, well, at least the children of some people, such as the poor, the Muslims and possibly the children of a carefully identified list of migrant groups? You probably look at these ‘different’ looking, talking child and freak-out about the fact that these ‘creatures’ will grow up in ‘your’ city, in ‘your’ country and they will demand equal rights as you.

With this ‘purposefully’ confused mind, you then take a sad and horrific criminal case and add to it your fake ‘fatherly’ worry about children. You mix it with your right-wing, neo-liberal views before abusing the word ‘radicalisation’. Finally you sprinkle some racism and islamophobia onto it and then present this disgusting dish as the way forward for a better and safer society for children.

Mr. Johnson , why don’t you just come out and be honest. This is another right-wing diversion from the real issues and it puts you to the headlines.

Come over to Dublin. You may learn a few practical steps on how to forcibly remove children from their families. But you need to first find a Roma family with a blonde child.

Your ancestors took the children of the 'first Australians' into care. The horrors of those days are not forgotten.

Boris Johnson, No, you are not cool. Not cool at all. You are, in fact, rubbish!

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