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Mandela, the oppressed people and the oppressors of the world

How many private jets are on their way to S. Africa this week?

How many bodyguards will be on duty to protect our elites?

How many seven-course, silver plate dinners will be eaten?

Mandela's funeral is designed to create a new layer of memory for all future generations. This memory is all about a 'mythological' hero called Mandela and the flesh & blood, real-life friends of his, i.e. our leaders, the super-famous musicians and the super-rich businessmen. This new memory in the making is like a neo-classical Greek mythology where fighting heroes become the gods and the modern day rulers take on the role of the Greek emperors.

They hope that this will be a new baseline for Mandela’s legacy which will cover-up all the real memories of the real struggle of the real people. This baseline will 'help' us to forget the reasons of why people loved Mandela so much?

This week, as the images of classy dressed ladies and gentlemen will start beaming from South Africa, the rulers of the world hope that we won't debate, remember and project into the future the questions such as

-Why Mandela was the man he was?

-What did he fight against, what did he not?

-Who were his oppressors and the enemies of S. African people?

-Are they still around?

-Where are they this week?

“Don't mind such dangerous questions", they will say to us, "just remember that he was a hero and we are all his friends, we all love him and he loved us."

-Who are ‘we’?

We (the democrats, decent people of the world, workers, victims of racism and wars) remember Mandela for the fight he led against apartheid and racist regime of South Africa. We remember him for his long resistance years against oppression. Every decent human being around the world saw him as a man of hope for all oppressed people. And that’s what he was…

They (our rulers) also remember Mandela for what he did and how he did it. First of all, they can't afford new Mandela's of the past in the future. For that reason they need - and love - the myth of today’s Mandela. Our rulers, responsible of racism, economic oppression and wars, are re-selling ‘Mandela’ to the people of this world with a new packaging wrapped around him.

Unfortunately, not all of this myth is just the creation of ruling class imagination. The pictures of Mandela with war mongers, oppressors and racist right-wingers are real. These pictures help our rulers in many ways in the process of making us forget who they are:

During the time of apartheid, many of these leaders did nothing to help the anti-apartheid struggle.

“Many praises for Mandela will come from rulers who happily perpetrate human rights abuses, enact racist laws, engage in racist scapegoating and pursue imperialist policies of the kind which Mandela devoted his life to opposing.”

These pictures also enhance the idea of “opening up fresh fields for the development of a prosperous non-European bourgeois class” as Mandela once said.

Mandela is loved by all, the oppressed and the oppressors of the world; because he is a hope for the oppressed and he is also a hope for the oppressors. This does not take away the huge respect we the people have for Mandela. Sometimes, “it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see” and the oppressors and the oppressed of the world saw different things in Mandela.  

If you are rich, powerful, at the top, racist, ruling countries and waging wars, you get to meet Mandela and tell on TV stations how much you ‘love’ him. If you are poor, exploited and oppressed, you fight for the things he fought, against the very same people above, who ‘love’ him so much.

This week, one has to remember Marikana miners, and the massacre that killed 34 workers and injured 78. Where are their families now? Has anyone being prosecuted for this brutal killing under the ruling government of ANC? What do they think when they see the international celebration of South Africa’s democracy and development? Does ANC represent the South African workers and poor black majority anymore?

Thanks to Mandela, the racial apartheid is dead. Now is the time to fight against other things. “South Africa remains to this day one of the most unequal countries in the world and its black majority remains impoverished, exploited and brutally oppressed.”

You see why the rulers of the world like the myth of Mandela rather than the real struggle of his. “Liberation, freedom, equality, socialism is just a myth” they say. 

Let’s not make them think that we believe in what they say

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