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The Profile of Gezi Protestors: Young and poor

Gezi protestors in Turkey were denounced by the Turkish government as 'terrorists', 'foreign agents trying to break the stability in the country', 'looters' etc.

According to the official government numbers, 3 million 600 thousand people took part in the protests. In total 5513 people were arrested. These people were surveyed by the state security and intelligence agencies while under arrest. The survey of this large sample group produced interesting results.

Profile of Gezi Protestors
Gender: 50% Women
Primary/secondary 15%
High-school 24%
University students 36% 
University graduates 25%
Age groups:
18-25 56%
26-30 26%
31-40 17%
41 and above 1%
Monthly income levels:
0-499 TL 39%,
500-999 TL 15%,
1000-1999 TL 31%,
2000 TL and above 20%
(1 TL = € 0.40, the official monthly minimum wage in Turkey is 800 TL, the poverty line for a family of 4 is 3,000 TL per month)

There were 5532 protests in 80 cities over a period of 112 days. The young and the poor are not terrorists, foreign agents or looters. They are ordinary people who rejected the neo-liberal/anti-environment policies of the government and police oppression.

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