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Questioning military intervention in Syria

Yet again, in front of our eyes, the Western powers are gearing up for another military intervention, this time in Syria. The possible date, the planned duration and the style of their attack is all laid out for us to see on TV stations. Digital graphics descriptions of possible attack scenarios are presented to us like a computer game.

''Get ready folks'' they say, ''we are about to do, what we know best: Military intervention for our interests in the region!''

It seems, their plans are designed for a risk free attack. 'Intelligent' missiles, fired from war ships in the Mediterranean will do exactly what they supposed to do in Iraq: Precision bombing!

Unfortunately body counts are probably - yet again - not part of this mission. They won't do body counts, as we will have to remember the horrible phrases from the past decade: 'Collateral damage','civilian casualties' etc.

There are of course all sorts of things happening in Syria, but, don't even go there, don't even say “civilians are already dying...” One situation never justifies the other, that has nothing to do with saving civilians.

What might happen in the coming days is already obvious from today. The contradictions in the statements of Western official sources are piling up. Yet again, this military campaign is sold to us as a limited (in duration and scope) intervention.

Didn't they always start these things with such supposedly well calculated estimates? Didn't they fail?

One US official said: “Our aim is not to cripple the regime or the Syrian military. We want to send out a clear message to Assad.”

It seems their objective is even worse than their reasons to attack. It seems, as of now, Assad is safe, and so is his regime and his death squats.

It will be just a message, that's all, attached to super powerful missiles.

But then, what if Assad, like a wounded animal, becomes more aggressive?

What if he rallies his supporters against this attack?

What if he promotes himself and his regime as an anti-imperialist defender of his people? (Didn't the US sent detainees for interrogation and torture to Syria as part of the 'global war on terror'? Didn't the Syrian war planes also join the US in attacking Iraq in 1991?)

What if he does not get the message?

And, what if he escalates his attacks on people of Syria after the 3 day long US-Western military campaign?

Will the Western powers then claim that there is a new reality (a new reality that they were not expecting but they in fact created themselves) and change the rules of the engagement?

Will they have to continue their campaign beyond the initial deadline of 3 days? What happens next? Do they really care?

The West has been intervening in many places over the last 10+ years. We have seen the horrors of such interventions and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They always claimed that these attacks were for humanitarian reasons, to make the world a safer place and to eliminate the deaths and terror.

None of these were proven to be true. World has not been a safer place. As hundreds of thousands of people died, many more displaced, the consequences of these wars are still affecting the lives of millions.

NATO and Western armies are not some humanitarian relief agencies. They are war machines and that's what they do.

The situation in Syria is undeniably horrific and bloody. But this will not get better with the intervention of the West. The war and bloodshed can easily spill over to the wider region. And many more thousands will die. Many more millions will be refugees.

A military intervention by the US and the West will not make things better. It never did!

These forces have a proven track record of creating misery and endless horrific post-war conditions. There is nothing to prove to us that their already failed formulas will produce this time, the 'right' results.

Perhaps the questions asked above are all irrelevant. Maybe, when it comes to the imperialist interests of the powerful states in the region, none of these questions matter.

But still, we need to ask these questions. Because their answers give us the clears reasons of why we need to oppose this military intervention and and why we need to expose the warmongers.

Now is the time for everyone to stand up against this military intervention in Syria and one more time say “NO to NATO and NO to Western Intervention!”

The West has no moral, legal and humanitarian mandate to attack Syria.

As for Assad, who cares! No tears for him, no cheers for Western intervention!

Solidarity with Syrian people in these dark days of war on one side and oppression on the other.

Solidarity with Syrian refugees everywhere.

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