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We live and exist here. Happy New Year!









We live and exist here. Happy New Year!

I wish to all the struggling people of the world,
struggling for a better life,
better working conditions,
democracy - even in the most basic form,
for freedom, for revolution, for women's rights,
for environment indeed;
Victims of abuse, now shouting no more!
and of course to anti-war and anti-racism fighters,
I wish them all
a year of more struggle and victory.

Socialists are sometimes accused of being too theoretical
and not recognizing the r e a l i t y,
Isn't that funny? Not Ha ha...
Accepting reality vs. changing it?
To be or to change...
so I won't wish you a theoretically healthy and peaceful new year
but a year of fighting in defence of our healthcare and schools
and an ongoing fight against imperialist wars and invasions.
There you go, r e a l i t y at its best...

I don't wish you a happy new year in theory
but a DIO - do it ourselves – one.
This one is not off the shelf... needs assembling...
Nor it is a must at all times.
Sadness is also a part of the game,
Collective happiness as we fight, as we win...

I wish the people of Gaza,
Workers of Bangladesh,
Victims of invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq,
Drone victims in Yemen
and dead Smugglers of Roboski, blown into pieces along with their mules.
mostly under the age of 15, human and donkey flesh.
Happened to be Kurdish and poor.
Migrants and asylum seekers in Europe,
Migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe
lucky to be alive, crossing a sea of mass graves,
Revolutionaries of Arab Spring and Syria, so much we learn from you...
So much sadness and so much hope.
Syrian refugees, you are my brothers and sisters,
don't mind them racist fucks...
New Year's resolution: Less bad language more politics
Workers of Marikana - how can we forget?
The hottest summer of Istanbul...
100-years now, displaced Armenians of Asia Minor, ghostly villages...
Single parents of Ireland and the forced-made unemployed,
The dead workers of Qatar's World Cup, the Brazilian fighters,
Our friends, comrades, brothers and sisters in Greece,
holding the barricades for the rest of us.
I wish you a year of fight and a year of victory.

And a happy new year!

The rest?
The top ten percent?
To be honest,
They can go to hell, wherever, whatever that may be.

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