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Today a very interesting piece was published in the Irish Times. Called  “Government ‘needs to be honest’ with emigrants, says Joe McHugh”, it  is an eye opener...

When a system is so bad for such a long time, any change to it, coming after many years of waiting seems very positive and applausable…

The Direct Provision System (DPS) and the newly announced changes are a typical example of such a situation.

As the European Union (EU) is about the launch its long term plan for the ‘migrant crisis’, the leaked EU policy document shows the hypocrisies of our rulers and the repeated denial by the EU of its responsibilities in the root-cause of this crisis and the ongoing civilian deaths.

The Final plan is to be published on Wednesday May, 13.

Saturday 21st of March is the UN INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST RACISM. On this day people around the world will show their opposition to all forms of racism and discrimination. 21st of Marchis an important day to raise the voices of anti-racism and stand in solidarity with all sections of the society.

It seems we are going to have another political party led by the former Fine Gael junior minister Lucinda Creighton who is calling for a ‘reboot’ of Ireland. Lucinda Creighton is joined by financial commentator and advisor Eddie Hobbs.

Happy New Year Ireland!

For many years only a small group of people and a few organisations have campaigned for ending the Direct Provision System (DPS). Their voices, along with the voices of asylum seekers were constantly and conveniently ignored by the governments of the past 15 years. Even the demands for some very limited reforms did not trigger any actions by the governments and asylum seekers were simply abandoned in this extremely dysfunctional system.

A few days ago, Ukip leader Nigel Farage was debating the 'immigration issue' as part of a panel on UTV in front of a live audience in the studio. At one point, when he was challenged by other guests on the panel on how the country benefited from immigration and migrants, he replied "the rich liberals in central London benefited from immigration by having cheaper chauffeurs and house maids, the corporations benefited from low-wage workers".

Asylum seekers could have decision on status ‘in weeks’. Main purpose of new legislation is to cut time spent in direct provision”, says Minister Fitzgerald in a statement about a forthcoming bill. Let's be clear on one thing. The direct provisions system is not going anywhere according to the proposed changes. The question is, what happens to the - more than 90% - applicants who are refused the status of refugee? That's where deportations may well be coming into play... Or, is it "back to the old direct provision system" for refused applicants who will continue to spend many years, filled with long appeals and disbelieving court hearings...

Minister Fitzgerald should be kinder to herself. There is really no need for her to suffer the level of 'shock' she is experiencing at the moment due to 'reports of direct provision prostitution'. To remind her, we shall repeat the call: Don't be shocked, don't ask for another report. Just address the urgent and undeniable issue of Direct Provision System.

As the international mergers, acquisitions and takeovers happen; multinational corporations compare (purposefully so) apples and oranges and come-up with propaganda to win the political and public battle against workers and trade unions. The jargon they use sounds scientific. It seems as if the numbers and figures they are presenting are undeniable facts and as if these are objective and independently verified figures.

Bausch & Lomb says 200 jobs must go to save Waterford plant. “Contact lens maker is also seeking 20% pay cuts to bring subsidiary in line with other divisions. Management at the contact lens plant in Waterford warned staff it may be forced to close the entire operation with the loss of all 1,100 jobs if the substantial cost reductions are not implemented immediately.

I must admit that I was wrong when I - being unusually pessimistic - thought that there will be only around 50 known faces at today's “Our Water Is Not for Sale” conference.

I must also admit that I was worried that this conference may turn into an inward looking debate without the outcome of a renewed commitment and activism by people to fight the water charges and all other cuts.

In a statement Richard Boyd Barrett TD criticised attempts by AIB to change cap on executive pay. The People Before Profit TD said the idea that executives in AIB, a bank that got a bail-out of €21 billion, with an existing pay cap of half a million and executives on six figure salaries are now looking for more money is shocking.

People of Ireland have already been robbed of millions of Euro for the privatization of water and the establishment of the Irish Water company. Before Irish Water has delivered even a drop of clean-safe water, they have flooded us with scandals that continue to cost us millions. For health, education, public transport, even fixing the old and leaking water system there is no money - as we are told repeatedly - but there are millions available for some dodgy consultancy services to tell Irish Water how to rob our free-natural resource from us and how to charge us for this robbery.

People Before Profit’s European election candidate for Dublin, Cllr. Brid Smith is calling for full disclosure from Oxigen and the Enviromental Protection Agency about the nature of the hazardous waste on the premises in Ballymount during the recent fire. She is calling on the EPA to immediately disclose any potential dangers for local communities.

A new political party has officially been launched in Ireland. The National Independent Party (NIP), defining itself as “similar to UKIP” of Britain, has been formally registered as a political party on 14 January. This date may well mark the beginning of an escalating racist debate on race, ethnicity, migrants, asylum seekers and the wider immigration issue; a scene we know so well from the political agenda and actions of UK’s UKIP.

"TWO TRADE UNIONS have today called on the government to provide support to organisations giving food assistance to people around the country so they can meet the demand on their services this Christmas. Today Mandate and Unite released a map with a county-by-county breakdown of food poverty in the country, to highlight this demand." (

Today, December 7th was a good day in Ireland; a day of fight-back, solidarity and a well-taught lesson for the bosses on 'what happens when you attack workers' pensions and conditions'. M&S bosses received this lesson today.

In a statement today, Memet Uludag – People Before Profit Alliance local representative for Castleknock/Blanchardstown - hits out at M&S over what he describes as their ‘unnecessary and purely profit driven’  attempt to close their defined benefit scheme.


The headline of the Irish Independent (21/10/2013) is screaming at us in big bold letters: “THE SOCIAL WELFARE CULTURE”

Whatever Enda Kenny will do about the social welfare in long term is to be seen, but it seems the first and most important task for the government is to get the society to recognise the 'problem' of our social welfare system.

Today, on 5th of August, the biggest and most significant court case - ERGENEKON - in Turkey, against illegal (obviously) military coup gang and counter-insurgency network, handed down huge sentences after a lengthy and complicated trial process.

Yılmaz Özdil’in, birazı "Ata-Türk vapura bindi Apo’ya gitti", gerisi ise ,"Kırk yıllık kani oluverdi yani" başlıklı yazılarına yanıttır...

Kürt sorununda geldiğimiz nokta, savaşın tüm şiddetiyle sürdüğü, tarafların birbirlerine karşı ağır suçlamalarda bulunduğu, binlerce Kürt siyasetçinin tutuklandığı, umutsuzluğun ve karamsarlığın güçlendiği 1,5 yıllık dönemde devlet ile Öcalan arasındaki görüşmelerin sürdüğünü ortaya koydu.