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The US led airstrikes in Syria and Iraq seem to have little or no real impact on ISIS. Since the beginning of the airstrikes a number of civilians and some ISIS fighters are killed but the overall organizational structure and the fighting capacity of ISIS are intact. We are told by the US administration and the leaders of states who joined the coalition that “they will continue the airstrikes till ISIS is destroyed”. 

There is a new mobile app called "Everyday Racism" and there has been some media coverage of it in the recent days. "A new mobile phone app that challenges Australians’ understanding of racism through role play has won global praise for promoting cultural understanding. The app focuses on subtle racism – an indirect or understated form of discrimination that researchers found to be prevalent in Australia. It invites players to put themselves in the shoes of an Aboriginal man, a Muslim woman or an Indian student, or to be themselves, as they negotiate a range of scenarios in which subtle racism is at play. Promoted as both a game and an educational tool, the Everyday Racism app sends players texts, tweets, images and videos over the course of seven days"

In a few days’ time millions of living rooms around the world will be filled with the intoxicating sound of football stadiums. Like modern day gladiators, special elite forces of the nations will battle in grand arenas for the biggest sporting trophy in the world. Thankfully, these battles won’t be a fight for life or death. There won’t be wild animals, brutal fighting, blood and killing at the end but there will be something else that is wild about these games and actually has brutalised the lives of millions in Brazil and around the world. That beast is called neoliberal market economy, or simply ‘capitalism’. Like the gladiator battles of the ancient times, these modern day games will be a fight for more wealth, not for the millions in their living rooms and thousands filling the stadiums but for a few who are in the business of football.

The Irish Times published an article by Richard Bruton, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, titled “Trade missions are not the place to raise human rights”.  In his article, Mr. Bruton responds to the criticism of the Irish government not raising the human rights issues during the Irish trade mission to Gulf States Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

A new year message...

If you are rich, powerful, at the top, racist, ruling countries and waging wars, you get to meet Mandela and tell on TV stations how much you ‘love’ him. If you are poor, exploited and oppressed, you fight for the things he fought; against the very same people above, who ‘love’ him so much.

Our world is an exciting, upsetting, joyful and a hopeful place. There are disasters, wars, oppressions and exploitations in a lot of places but there are also fight-backs, humanity, resistance and revolutionary struggle as well.

At times, it seems that all good things are lost and struggles are defeated. But nothing -fortunately- is just black and white. Defeat and victory seem to be co-existing in many places.

But a struggle goes on everywhere.

Today, December 7th was a good day in Ireland; a day of fight-back, solidarity and a well-taught lesson for the bosses on 'what happens when you attack workers' pensions and conditions'. M&S bosses received this lesson today.

If you ever want to teach your children the meaning of the word hypocrisy look no further than our great business and political leaders... And think of wars, exploitation, workers rights, equality, imperialism and racism...

Today, there is a sense of joy among the EU and Turkish politicians; a joy that is shared and reported enthusiastically by the mainstream Turkish and European media. The main headlines give the good news in big bold letters: "Visa free travel for Turkish citizens to EU countries!" But wait! There is a much smaller, almost invisible sub-heading underneath this joyfully breaking story: "Readmission Agreement to be signed between EU and Turkey on December 16". Horror hits you!

Gezi protestors in Turkey were denounced by the Turkish government as 'terrorists', 'foreign agents trying to break the stability in the country', 'looters' etc.

Antioch, the ancient land within Turkey's border that stretches out into Syria, is a place I went to many times. I fell in love with the place, its people and its complex and multi-cultural history. When you reach the seashore of Seleucia Pieria you are in all places at the same time, divided by modern borders: Syria, Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea. The struggles of Antioch of the past are shining a light to the struggles in the region today...

Yet again, in front of our eyes, the Western powers are gearing up for another military intervention, this time in Syria. The possible date, the planned duration and the style of their attack is all laid out for us to see on TV stations. Digital graphics descriptions of possible attack scenarios are presented to us like a computer game.

“Education Minister Ruairi Quinn has refused to intervene after a school banned a Muslim girl from wearing the hijab — a veil worn by Muslim women and girls.”

Şöyle bir teori koyalım ortaya: Bir ülkede, bir üniversitede verilen eğitimin kalitesi, o ülkede ve üniversitede akademisyenlerin ve öğrecilerin genel yaşamsal ve eğitim ile ilgili konularda yaptığı protestoların hem niceliği hem de niteliği ile doğru orantılıdır.

Silahlar ve Çocuklar - ''Sadece 4 çocuğun bedeni tanınabilir haldeydi''

Bir halk bir kere bir zorbaya, despota, zalim diktatörüne baş kaldırmayı öğrendi mi, o halk kendi kaderini ve geleceğini belirlemeye başlamış demektir.

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the European Union for "six decades of work in advancing peace in Europe". The committee said that "the EU had helped to transform Europe 'from a continent of war to a continent of peace'. The award comes as the EU faces the biggest crisis of its history, with recession and social unrest rocking many of its member states. The last organisation to be given the prize outright was Medecins Sans Frontieres, which won it in 1999.(i)

Bu yıl Nobel Barış Ödülü "60 yıllık çalışması sonucu Avrupa'da barışı geliştirdiği" için Avrupa Birliği'ne verildi. Komite adına açıklama yapan Norveç eski Başbakanı Thorbjoern Jagland, "2012 Nobel Barış Ödülü'nün Avrupa Birliği'ne (AB) verildiğini" söyledi. Nobel Komitesi Başkanı Thorbjoern Jagland, "AB'nin 60 yılı aşkın süredir Avrupa'da insan haklarına, demokrasiye ve barışa olan katkılarından dolayı ödüle layık görüldüğünü" belirtti.

Last week Turkey's parliament authorised military action in Syria in response to Syria's deadly shelling of a Turkish town. Since then there have been more incidents of artillery exchanges and it has been widely reported that Turkey deployed additional tanks and missile defence systems to the Syrian border as artillery units responded to fire from Assad’s armed forces for a sixth day.

Cumhuriyet Gazetesinin 16 Eylül tarihinde internet sitesinden verdiği haberin başlığı ''Hatay'da Halk Ayaklandı'' şeklinde. Sitelerinin 'flaş' ve önemli haberleri veren bölgesine koymuşlar bu haberi.

Bu yazi, Türkiye Suriye konusunda ulusalcılarının ve ulusalcı sosyalistlerin bir eleştirisidir.

Bir Dostum düşürülen uçak konusunda 10 soru sormuş. Benden bunlarla ilgili fikrimi sordu. Öncelikle soruları aşağıda aynen veriyorum:

1- Bugüne dek Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin elinde teknik ve askeri anlamda, Suriye’nin açıklamaları haricinde uçağın düştüğü ya da düşürüldüğüne dair ne tür bir bilgi elde edildi? Türkiye, kamuoyuna verilen bilgilerde Genelkurmay ilk önceleri Suriye tarafından düşürülen derken, dün düşürüldüğü iddia edilen aşamasına nasıl geldi? Bu bir imla dikkatsizliği mi? Böyle hassas bir konuda imla dikkatsizliği yapılabilir mi? Yoksa kasıtlı mı yazıldı?

Haberlerde, Nijerya’da kaza yapan yakıt tankerinden yakıt toplamaya çalışan 100'den fazla kişinin hayatını kaybettiğini öğrendik bu akşam. Bu büyük felaket petrol zengini ülkede ilk defa olan birşey de değil.

Acaba içinden ''Vay beleşçiler vay, utanmadan kazadan mal kaçırıyorlar'' diyen olmuş mudur?

May 1st, always been a struggle in Turkey. People attending the gatherings, meetings or protests of any kind are always considered a problem in this country. May 1st, in its nature quite a humane celebration, has seen so tragic events... And in the recent years, would people be allowed to walk in May 1st has been discussed for weeks. People being sprayed pepper gas, being beaten by the police... Just for walking together... This year was a different one. Attendance was immense. Everyone was happy that a meeting of this scale  took place and people could make their cases and be heard. But some banks’ windows were broken by some protestors. This’s the story we all know. What happened afterwards... Well they were not a big media attraction and we are oblivious to them. How I found out was just a coincidence. Someone I know, a neighbour of mine, was a victim of the unbelievable events afterwards. So I started reading and asking.